Teeth Whitening

Many people say the first thing they notice about a person is their smile. At High Brow Society we also offer affordable in office whitening by a dental professional with over 20 years experience in whitening. We not only offer packages within your budget, but also within your busy schedule. Clients love their whitened teeth and convenient lunchtime quick touch ups. Schedule yours today!!

The Lunchtime Whitening is recommended for those who whiten consistently, and like the quick touch ups weekly. Or if you have teeth that are pretty white already and just want to maintain optimal whiten.

The Diamond Whitening is our monthly whitening service. It gives you two 20 minute sessions back to back. This is recommended as a monthly maintenance. To give your teeth a good boost after the initial Trophy Whitening Service.

The Trophy Whitening is our most popular whitening service. It is 3 sessions of whitening. This is recommended for clients who have never done professional whitening, or if you have gone longer than 3 months without whitening. Book your session now!

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