he perfect brows will never go out of style, whether perfectly bushy or perfectly fleeked. Brow tinting goes the step further than brow mascara. If you desire a look that is going to last you longer than the day, then brow tinting is the best option for  you. If you aren’t quite ready to take the leaping the wonderful world of microblading, then brow tinting is for you. It can great a semi-permanent mock-up of what your perfect brows would look like.

Brow tinting eliminates the struggles of filling in your brows daily. No more being late to work, appointments or dinner with this semi-permanent option. Wake up with ready to go brows!!! The procedure itself takes about 20 minutes. You can expect your eyebrows to go a shade or two darker. The beauty of tinting is it adds dye to the smallest and lightest of hairs to achieve a bold look. Tinting usually lasts 4 weeks depending on how oily your skin is. A vegetable dye is placed over top of the existing brow to give a deeper color and tint the skin in the sparse areas to achieve a perfect color, shape and thickness. It is also a less expensive option, brow tinting only cost $25.

You can shower normally after eyebrow tinting. Mascara can still be placed on top of tinting. However, most clients do not see the necessity.

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