3D Stroke Microblading Technique

manual technique is the art of applying semi-permanent ink to the eyebrows with precise detailed strokes by a licensed professional. A special hand tool is used to deposit the pigment superficially in the skin. This disposable micro blade allows the technician to make thin hairlike strokes that mimic your own eyebrow hairs. The difference between microblading and tattooing is microblading is a manual technique. The benefit of the manual technique is that it doesn’t go deep into the skin so you don’t get the bleeding that occurs with tattooing. Technicians work with your bone structure to create the most ideal brows for your face.

Microblading requires extensive training and commitment to continued learning. There are state requirements and licensure that are required to perform microblading and above all, proper sanitation.

Microblading leaves brows looking natural and not drawn on. They typically last 12-18 months and will need to be retouched yearly to continue to maintain the delicate work. Microbladed brows, properly done can change your entire lifestyle. Many women do not leave the house without properly drawing on their eyebrows. Some avoid activities like hot yoga, pools, gym, or beach day for fear that their perfectly perched brows will wipe off mid activity.

Our own Master Technician recalls waking up before her bae to reapply her brow powder, and hoping she didn’t leave make up marks on the sheets. Just so he wouldn’t see her without any brows on. Microblading has solved the these issues for many women. It is rewarding because it gives women a confidence that they never had before. Microblading changes the way people see you. Microblading changes the way people feel about themselves.

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